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Car safety features for kids

Nowadays, children are usually picked up and dropped off by their parents when they go to and from school, and parents occasionally take their children out to play by themselves. Therefore, the safety of children's driving is something that parents have to pay attention to.
Many parents mistakenly think that it is enough for children to have a child safety seat in the car. In fact, this is not the case. There are generally many safety features to protect children in private cars. What are these features? Do you all understand?
Child safety seat
The first thing to talk about is the child safety seat.
Car child safety seat, also known as child restraint system, is a seat designed for children of different ages (or weights), installed in the car, and can effectively improve the safety of children in the car.
Generally speaking, child safety seats are divided into infant safety seats and child safety seats. From the perspective of use, they are generally divided into two types: lying down and sitting. The baby safety seat is used from the time of birth until the baby is able to sit up independently; after the baby is able to sit up firmly, it can be switched to a normal child safety seat.
Specifically, according to the type of fixing method, it is divided into three types: the European standard ISO FIX fixing method, the American standard LATCH fixing method and the seat belt fixing method. Babies or children aged 1-12 need to use a child safety seat when riding in a car.
Car child safety seats can protect the safety of children in the following situations.
First, in the event of a forward collision or emergency braking, it can effectively prevent the child's body from moving forward rapidly and avoid secondary collision;
Second, in the event of a side collision, the backrest wings and headrest wings can effectively protect the child's torso and head;
Third, in the event of a rearward collision, the backrest and headrest can support the torso and head of the child to avoid injury to the child's neck;
Fourth, when the child rolls over, the child's body and restraint system are only slightly displaced and cannot be loosened;
Fifth, when the child sleeps, the side wings of the seat can ensure that the child's body will not be seriously tilted, so as to avoid injury in the event of a collision.

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