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Child Safety Seat History

The emergence of car child safety seats After World War II, automobile technology developed rapidly, and automobiles became the main means of transportation. The ensuing traffic safety problems have become increasingly prominent, and various safety protection devices have come out one after another. As the most traditional safety protection equipment, seat belts are designed for adults and not suitable for children. Because the bones of children are immature, when the car collides and the speed decreases rapidly, the body will rush forward due to huge inertia. At this time, the adult seat belt that spans the body may cause the child's chest rib fractures, suffocation and even neck fractures. Likewise, the design of airbags is based on the protection of adults. The huge impact force generated at the moment of airbag deployment can cause serious injury to children. According to US statistics in 1999, the vast majority of the 150 people who died due to airbag deployment were children. The earliest child safety seat was born in 1963. The inspiration for the development and design of the child safety seat came from the astronaut seat in the spacecraft. This seat can withstand the huge force generated when the space capsule is lifted up and down, thus making the astronauts. staff from harm. Ningbo Longma Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. manufactures rear-facing child safety seats based on this principle.
At first, the structure of the child safety seat was single, and it only protected children by riding backwards. At that time, 5-point seat belts also appeared, but there was no structure for side protection of children. Based on the survey data of children's car accidents, people gradually realized the importance of side protection for children's safety, and began to continuously improve the child safety seat. Pad, the back surface is softer and more comfortable, so that the child can be fully protected. At the same time, safety seats suitable for children of different ages have also appeared one after another.
Child safety seats were first developed in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Especially since the 1980s, Europe and the United States and other countries have successively promulgated relevant laws and regulations, forcing children to use car child safety seats when riding in cars. Therefore, car child safety seats have With rapid development and popularization, the products have gradually developed from foam products to diversified new material products.
As of the beginning of the 21st century, in Europe, the popularity of car child safety seats has been very high. It is as natural as riding a motorcycle to wear a helmet. Child safety seats have even become a necessary accessory for some vehicles.

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