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How to choose a car child safety seat

Nowadays, more and more post-90s people are parents. Not only are they more inclined to choose a 7-seat SUV or MPV for home use, but they also have a stronger sense of safety in equipping their children with safety seats when traveling. But there are too many types of baby safety car seat, and novice parents who do not know the relevant knowledge may be a little overwhelmed to choose.

Choose according to your child's weight

Many parents choose child safety seats according to the age of the child. In fact, child safety seats should be selected according to the weight of the child, and the age is only a reference value. Every child safety seat produced by a regular manufacturer will clearly indicate the scope of application. There are three categories:

The first category is the basket seat, which is suitable for newborn babies weighing less than 10kg. Generally, there is no dedicated interface, but it is installed on the car seat in reverse and fixed by the seat belt. When riding, parents need to be supervised by the rear seat.

The second category is the infant safety seat, suitable for children weighing between 10 and 18 kg. Its age should be around two or three years old.

The third category is the large child safety seat, suitable for children weighing more than 18kg. The age is generally over four or five years old, and those under twelve years old are relatively large in size. If your child is taller, you should buy one that faces forward, leaving room for the legs.

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