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How to choose a child safety seat

1. Look at the regulatory certification of the seat
The regulatory certification of safety seats is the most basic certification for market sales and circulation.
Seats sold in Europe must be certified by ECE R129 or ECE R44 regulations, and seats sold in China must be certified by 3C.
The executive standard GB27887-2011 of my country's safety seat 3C certification is formulated with reference to the old European regulation R44 certification, and it has been enforced since September 2015.
The R44 regulation, which should be the first child restraint system regulation in Europe, existed in 1980, but the regulation is a bit backward and cannot meet the current safety of traveling by car.
Regulation R129, the latest European child restraint system regulation, was promulgated in 2013 and can be seen as an upgraded version of regulation R44. The main differences are as follows:
In Europe, both R44 and R129 regulations are currently being implemented, but from September 2022, the R44 regulations will be withdrawn from the historical stage, and all European seats will fully implement the R129 regulations.

2. Select the seat according to the height and weight of the child
The age of the child is only a very vague description, which is used for the convenience of oral communication. At present, the most rigorous selection of safety seats should be based on the height and weight of the child. Height, corresponding to the classification of seats in R129 regulations, weight, corresponding to the classification of seats in R44 regulations and safety seat 3C certification
Height less than 87cm or weight less than 13kg, it is recommended to choose a baby carrier with reverse installation
Height 61 - 105cm, weight 9 - 18kg, it is recommended to choose a safety seat that can be used in both directions
Height 100 - 105cm, weight 15 - 36kg, forward-facing booster seat is recommended

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