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Precautions for installing safety seats on airplanes

1. Pay attention to carrying a safety seat that meets the aircraft safety requirements and seat size
When taking a baby on an airplane in the United States, if you want to bring a safety seat, you will generally require a seat that meets the FAA requirements.
In addition, we usually do not recommend parents to bring a relatively large car seat on the plane, especially when flying in economy class, the car seat that is too large may not be able to be installed on the aircraft seat.
Generally, the official website of the airline will also have a description of the size of the safety seat that can be carried on the plane. Parents can also look for it in the "Special Travel Requirements".
2. About the installation of the safety seat
Safety seats are generally installed in the window seat on the plane, or in the middle row seat with aisles on both sides, and cannot be installed in the seat in the emergency exit row.

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