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Some of the most common problems with car seat use identified by the survey study

Foreign media: Nearly half of child safety seats are installed the wrong way
Global Times-Global Network reported on January 18 According to a report by USA Today magazine, many people's methods are wrong when it comes to the installation and use of child safety seats. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a 2011 field study on the use and installation of child safety seats. The results of 4,167 inspections and driver interviews showed that 46% of the safety seats were installed or used the wrong way.
Misuse is often caused by small factors, such as a seat that is not installed tightly enough, wobbles more than an inch from side to side, or that the chest clip on a safety or foldable seat is positioned more than correct The position is high or low, and the normal position should be flush with the position of the armpit.
Here are some of the most common problems identified by the survey study:
Wrong recline angle of rear facing car seat
The study found that 16 percent of rear-facing infant seats and 12 percent of folding seats were installed at the wrong angle. Both types of seats are supposed to recline between 30 and 45 degrees, depending on the seat manufacturer's recommendations.
Infant safety seats usually have an adjustable base to help maintain the correct recline angle of the seat, and also have a built-in recline level to remind people that the recline angle has been adjusted to the correct position. The foldable seat has a reclining angle indicator to help ensure proper seating.
Installing the rear-facing seat at a 45-degree recline helps keep the baby's airway open, especially if the baby lacks or even has no head control.

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