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The baby must sit in a child car seat, not the co-pilot

The child car seat is an exclusive seat for children under the age of 12 and a height of not more than 1.4. When the car crashes, it can protect the child's safety to the greatest extent. And now in China, there are still many parents who are not very safety-conscious, letting their children sit in the co-pilot position. This is very dangerous. Babies must never sit in the co-pilot for the following reasons:The first is that the baby is curious and wants to touch new things. When sitting in the passenger seat, he will move around, and sometimes press the buttons on the car randomly, which will cause the parents to distract attention. Power, affects parents’ driving, and is prone to accidents.

Second: Generally speaking, when a car accident occurs, the driver will adjust the direction out of self-help instinct. At this time, the co-pilot is the most dangerous place, and the possibility of the co-pilot passenger being injured is greatly increased. Moreover, according to the passenger casualties in past traffic accidents, in general, the passengers with the highest casualty rate are the co-pilot passengers. Therefore, the baby cannot sit in the passenger seat, and the rear child safety seat is safer.

Third: According to the traffic safety test: When a car crashes at a speed of 25 miles per hour, a 6 kg baby will produce 120 kg of impulse. Therefore, if an accident occurs on the co-pilot, the parents cannot keep the child at all, and the child may become the parent’s airbag. Although the airbag has a protective effect on adults, if it pops up in an accident, the huge impact will cause great damage to the fragile baby, especially the neck, chest, and head of the child. The situation is serious. May be fatal.

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