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The first case of misoperation of ISOfix

Forgot to pull the upper pull strap when installing ISOfix
At present, most of the safety seats on the market adopt the double fixing method of ISOFIX interface + upper pull strap, in which the upper pull strap is used as an anti-overturning device.
What happens if the car seat fails the failure test and you forget to pull the straps?
If there is no or forget to use the pull-up belt, the connection between the child safety seat and the rear seat of the car becomes a two-point connection method, which can only be fixed by the ISOFIX interface, which is precisely the ISOFIX interface in the vehicle. The two fixed points are on the same level again. In the event of an emergency braking or a frontal collision, the safety seat and the child will lean forward under the action of inertial force. The child's head can be turned up to a maximum angle of 180°, in which case it can cause serious injury to the child.
The Thanksgiving Gaia safety seat that has passed the failure test provides double protection for the baby. The one-piece steel skeleton structure, even if a collision occurs when the upper pull belt is forgotten to be pulled, the seat can be fixed by only two points of ISOfix without overturning. And the displacement indexes of the dummy tested did not exceed the legal requirements.
(However, the failure test is only used as a misoperation situation. Under normal circumstances, even if the seat passes the failure test, remember to pull the upper pull strap.)

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