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What we know about child safety seats

A baby car seat is a kind of seat designed for children of different weights (or age groups), which can effectively improve the safety of children in the car by restraining the child in the safety seat. The European mandatory implementation standard ECE R44/03 is defined as a child safety protection system composed of seat belt assemblies or flexible parts, adjustment mechanisms, accessories, etc., which can be fixed to motor vehicles with ISOFIX interface, LATCH interface. In the event of a car crash or sudden deceleration, the impact on the child can be reduced and the child's body movement can be restricted to reduce injury to them.

The safety seat adopts an ergonomic shape that conforms to the physical characteristics of children, and fully matches the physiological characteristics of children of different ages, making them extra considerate and comfortable to sit on. The installation is simple and convenient, even parents who are new to the child safety seat can easily install it in a few minutes; and the simple and clear buckles and adjustment straps make it easier to adapt to the growth characteristics of children at any time. Adjustment is provided with great convenience. Various types of child safety seats provide various targeted and proper services, and users can choose the most suitable style according to their own needs.

The safest position in the car is the rear seat, and it is equally safe to install it in the rear of the car correctly! In this position, the child has the greatest distance from the side of the car and is therefore best protected in the event of an accident. IMPORTANT: Make sure the seat belt fits the car seat properly. Using a crotch belt alone is not enough for safety. In this example, it is safer to use a side rear seat with a retractable three-point seat belt. Since most sedans do not have a middle seat, positioning and releasing a child in this position is relatively difficult, so the most practical and safest position for a child occupant restraint system is the seat behind the passenger.

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