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Which is better, five-point or front-mounted

When we choose child safety car seats, we will find that most of the child safety seats on the market currently use five-point or front-mounted fixing methods. The shortcomings are not very clear, the following Yigao will analyze which of the two methods is better.

Front fixing method:

This fixing method is to place a protective body in front of the baby. When the baby sits in the safety seat, the protective body is fixed, so that when a traffic accident occurs, the front protective body can protect the baby from Fly out and play a buffering role at the same time. This kind of front protector is very convenient to install, but it is inconvenient for larger children. If you wear too many clothes in winter, it may cause the front protector to not be installed.
Five-point fixing method:

If we usually like to watch racing games, then we will find that those racers also use five-point seat belts. Then it can be seen that the five-point fixing method is more secure than the ordinary seat belt. This fixing method is easy to use, as long as the baby is placed on the safety seat and then plugged in, the baby can move easily without being too restrained during the ride.

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