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Why use a car seat

According to statistics, nearly 20,000 children die in traffic accidents every year in my country, and not installing safety seats is a large part of the cause of death.
In fact, the safety seat has a long history of development, but in our country, many parents do not pay attention to, or do not realize the safety of the safety seat. Installation is troublesome, takes up space in the car, and children don’t like to sit and wait, which has also become an excuse for parents not to install safety seats. Why use a safety seat? We can find out through a set of experiments.
Experiment 1: Hold a child in your arms. When riding in a car, many parents like to hold their children, thinking that this is the safest way. Is that the case? Experiments show that when the car is hit at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, the occupants in the car will instantly produce about 30 times the amount of their own. Impulse force, a 10 kg (equivalent to 1 year old) child will experience a 300 kg impact force, while an adult holding a child will probably endure a force of 1500 kg. This impact, no matter how strong an adult is, it is difficult to hug the child, let alone provide protection for the child.
Experiment 2: Fasten the child's seat belt. As we all know, seat belts are designed according to the height and weight of adults. What will happen if we fasten seat belts to children? Experiments show that due to height problems, seat belts are basically stuck on the neck of children. In the event of a collision, the child's neck is bound to be strangled, resulting in an accident.
Why use a car seat? Without a car seat, no matter how well you plan to protect your child, when a crash happens, all good ideas will be shattered. That's why car seats are used.
Safety seats are so important, so how do we choose a safety seat? Experts said that the most important thing to buy a safety seat is to check the safety certification of the safety seat. Safety certification is to check whether the safety seat meets a certain safety level. Standard valid proof. In my country, all safety seats sold must pass China 3C quality certification, otherwise they will be regarded as substandard products.
Choosing the right baby seat can effectively avoid driving accidents. I hope every parent can equip their child with a suitable safety seat to protect the child's safety and ensure the child's safe and happy growth.

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