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Air China's regulations on the free baggage allowance for infants

On weight-based routes, the free baggage allowance for infant passengers is 10kg, and each piece of baggage must not exceed 100cm, 60cm and 40cm in length, width and height.
On the piece-rate route, infant passengers can check one piece of luggage for free, with a weight of no more than 23kg and the sum of the three sides no more than 115cm.
On top of that, you can also check in a pushchair or bassinet for free.
American Airlines rules on carry-on and checked baggage when traveling with infants:
Each ticketed passenger can only check 1 baby stroller and 1 car seat for free;
If you have a stroller and a car seat, only 1 of them can be checked at the gate;
Strollers over 20lbs/9kg must be checked at the ticket counter.
Other incidental items: Baby rails, pushchairs, cribs and play cots are counted as normal baggage; if these exceed the carry-on baggage allowance, they will be checked in and will incur regular charges. 

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