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Many people do not even know that car seats also have a shelf life

Food, batteries, and even cosmetics are designed to be time-limited. But there is another product that was originally designed to protect the safety of your most precious child, but most parents don't know the expiration date. Parents often spend a lot of time choosing their favorite child safety seats. Of course, some parents are also willing to spend a lot of money on those high-end safety seats.
But these parents often overlook one of the most important things about the safety seat after buying it, that is the lifespan of the safety seat. "Parents are actually surprised to learn that car seats have an expiration date," says Noriega, a child seat safety technician. They were so surprised because basically most parents never paid attention to the problem.
So where exactly is the shelf life of a child safety seat? The location of this shelf life information may be in a place that you usually don't notice. Special attention should be paid to inspection. All child safety seats produced after 2003 will have the production date, production batch number, and expiration date stickers printed on the back or bottom of the seat. Of course, it is not excluded that there will be a few manufacturers who choose not to mark this information.
In the car seat pictured above, the expiry date sticker is on the side, but most of the seats are probably on the bottom of the seat. Virtually all child safety seats currently on the market have an expiration date. Over time, exposure to sunlight, aging plastic, etc., can greatly reduce the safety of a car seat. Generally speaking, the lifespan of car seats sold on the market is about 5-9 years. It is recommended to consult the dealer for the specific service life when purchasing to ensure that it is in good condition.

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