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Plus Convertible Baby Car Safety Seats LM229

1. This is a "universal" child restraint system, which complies with GB27887-2011. As a general child restraint system, it is suitable for most but not all car seats.
2. If the car manufacturer indicates in the user manual that it can apply the "general class" of this age group
If the child restraint system cooperates, it is easier to achieve the correct match.
3. If in doubt, please consult the manufacturer or retailer of the child restraint system.
  • Plus Convertible Baby Car Safety Seats LM229
  • Plus Convertible Baby Car Safety Seats LM229
  • Plus Convertible Baby Car Safety Seats LM229
  • Plus Convertible Baby Car Safety Seats LM229
Product Group: Group IⅡ, Group III
Suitable weight: 15-36KG
Reference age: about 4-12 years old

Product Details

1. This child safety seat is only for adults to install and adjust. It is suitable for children weighing 15 to 36 kg. Please do not allow children who do not meet the applicable conditions to use this product.
2. This child safety seat must be used on a car seat with a 3-point safety belt system. Please install it according to the installation diagram or instruction manual on this child safety seat.
3. This child safety seat can only be installed forward.
4. Only by fixing the child safety seat correctly can the child be protected from injury to the greatest extent in the event of an accident.
5. Note! Even if the child safety seat is not in use, please fasten the child safety seat with a car seat belt to prevent injury to other occupants in the event of a car collision.
6. It is forbidden to split the safety seat and use it in combination with the cushion or backrest of other seats.
7. For your child's safety, it is recommended that you do not use safety seats or second-hand safety seats after an accident. After a severe accident, the restraint system should be replaced.
8. When a collision accident occurs, the safety of the people in the car mainly depends on the structure of your car itself; safety seats are difficult to completely protect the safety of children in serious traffic accidents. However, in most collision accidents, the correct installation and use of child safety seats can fundamentally improve the survival rate of children. Please ensure that all users can correctly understand the installation method of this safety seat.
9. The child restraint system without a face cover cannot be used.
10. The face cover of the child restraint system (safety seat) cannot use materials other than those recommended by the manufacturer. The face cover material affects the overall performance of the child restraint system.
11. When the car is parked in direct sunlight, please cover the child safety seat. Please do not allow sunlight to shine directly on the surface of the safety seat that is not covered by fabric for a long time, otherwise the surface of the seat will burn the child's skin.
12. When the child safety seat is not in use, please store it in a safe place. Do not place heavy objects on the safety seat.
13. Products without certification and modified products are dangerous, and there is no installation instructions provided by the manufacturer nearby is also very dangerous.
14. Please install the seat according to the installation method given in this manual to avoid the safety seat from getting stuck on the movable seat or door of the car during use.
15. It is not allowed to try to disassemble the parts of the safety seat or change the strapping method of the safety seat, unless the situation is described in the manual.
16. Do not use any other stress points other than those described in the instruction document and marked on the child restraint system.
17. Luggage and articles that are likely to cause injury in a collision accident should be properly placed.
18. It is forbidden to install safety seats on foldable car seats that are not locked; in case of emergency braking, the back of the car seat that is not locked may invalidate the safety seat.
19. It is forbidden to put things under the safety seat to increase the height of the seat surface, because the safety seat may become invalid in the event of an accident.
20. Do not place children in the child restraint system unattended. Even for a short time.
21. If the child accidentally unfastened the seat belt while driving, please park the car in a safe place and re-fasten the seat belt before continuing on the road.
22. Please teach your children the correct concept of driving safety and lead by example to wear seat belts. Do not violate the safety principle because your child is crying.
23. The instructions should be placed in the safety seat for easy reference at any time.
24. Use the car seat belt to secure the safety seat to the car, and the car seat belt should be tightened. The strap that restrains the child should be adjusted to fit his body, and the strap should not be twisted.
25. Important! Ensure that the seat belt waist belt is lowered when wearing, and the child's pelvis is well and firmly restrained.
26. If you have any questions about the stress point during installation and use, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer of the child restraint system.

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