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The composition of the child safety seat

Seat fabric: As a safety configuration, the production of safety seats is very elegant, and the fabric is very smooth to the touch. Generally, a breathable mesh production process is used, which is conducive to human perspiration and keeps the skin dry. In addition, some products also use flame-retardant materials to prevent secondary injury in the event of an accident.
Filling: The safety seat needs to withstand a certain impact force, so in addition to its own structure, the selection of filling is also very important. Most of the fake and inferior products use foamed plastics, which are not functional or environmentally friendly. At present, high-quality seats have chosen a thermoplastic filling material called "ESP". Although it is the same as the abbreviation of "Electronic Power Steering", its functions are quite different. It has good cushioning, shock resistance, heat insulation and heat preservation. and so on.
Seat Cushion: A Standard Split ISOFIX Deck After a child turns 4 years old, many parents feel that their child can no longer use a car seat cushion. But the results of the study show that children are too small to be at risk in an accident, even with an adult seat belt. Car seat pads are usually inexpensive, and it's best not to save on them.
ISOFIX interface: The full name of ISOFIX is "International Standards Organisation FIX", which in Chinese means: International Organization for Standardization Fixture. It is a new standard for placing child seats in cars.​
The ISOFIX system can integrate the child safety seat with the car, and can decelerate with the car in advance instead of indirectly decelerating through the seat belt, which greatly improves the safety of children. In foreign countries, family cars basically support ISOFIX interface and all car seats sold must have ISOFIX interface.

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