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6 precautions for correct use of child safety seats

The safety problems in travel should not be ignored by us. Not only adults, but also children need to be protected. Children are relatively weak in self-care ability, so it is urgent to protect their safety. In the process of driving, we need to pay attention to the correct use of safety seats for children in the car. Here are six points for attention in the correct use of child safety seats.
1. Installation position. The child safety seat cannot be installed in the seat with airbag in the front of the car, because the impact force generated at the moment of airbag ejection is very huge, which will cause fatal injury to children; The most suitable installation position is the rear of the car, especially the position behind the driver's seat, which is relatively high in the safety factor of the whole car.
2. The seat belt must remain tight. When the child safety seat is fixed with the vehicle safety belt, it must be ensured that the safety belt is retracted to the tight state after installation to keep the safety seat stable. Because when an accident occurs, the smaller the shaking range, the more protective the seat can play for children.
3. Cloth cover maintenance. Try to reduce the cleaning times of the cloth cover. Some safety seat cloth covers are made of flame-retardant materials. Frequent cleaning will weaken the flame-retardant function of this material. If the cloth cover is not very dirty, it is recommended to wipe it with a wet cloth. If it is stained with urine stains, stool stains and other dirt that is difficult to wipe off, it needs to be removed for cleaning. It is recommended to wash it by hand and dry it naturally.
4. Seat protection. Do not let the safety seat contact corrosive objects, and try to avoid direct sunlight for a long time to avoid damage to the safety materials in the seat.
5. Regular inspection. Regularly check the integrity of the child seat. Adjust the tightness of the safety belt, the height of the shoulder belt and the width of the seat in time according to the change of children's body shape and clothing to ensure the comfort of the safety seat.
6. It is recommended to stop using and replace the safety seat after a serious accident. The safety seat protects children by dispersing the impact force to reduce the displacement of children, which depends on the deformation of the seat. The deformation of some parts is permanent and will lose the protection ability. The seat must be replaced in time.
Many times, there are many detailed problems that we can't expect, and some accidents often happen unexpectedly. You can refer to the above points about the precautions for the use of child safety seats. In the process of daily use of safety seats, we will not be in a hurry.

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