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Are baby strollers and car seats checked in free on the plane

When the car becomes the means of transportation for most families, the safety of the car becomes more and more important. Many parents install child safety seats for their children for safety. When parents travel with their baby, they often need to carry a stroller and a safety seat. So if you take your baby on an airplane, how should the stroller and safety seat be checked? Does it count in the free baggage allowance?
1. Do baby strollers and safety seats need to be checked in on the plane?
Most of the baby's stroller and safety seat need to be checked, some are checked at the check-in counter, and some are checked at the boarding gate. Of course, there are also some smaller umbrella carts, which are smaller than the boarding case when folded, and can be brought on the plane and put in the suitcase directly.
If parents are not sure whether the baby's stroller or safety seat needs to be checked in or can be taken directly on the plane, they can ask the airline's customer service staff when booking the ticket.
2. Are baby strollers and safety seats included in the free baggage allowance?
As for whether baby strollers and safety seats are included in the free baggage allowance, different airlines may have different regulations. Most airlines usually allow a stroller or safety seat to be checked in for free. It is recommended that parents check in Be sure to check with the airline when booking.
3. Can the baby use the safety seat on the plane?
Because many parents who take their babies to travel to the destination usually choose to drive, bringing a safety seat by yourself is always more convenient and safer than renting it, and most of the safety seats can also be installed and installed on the plane. use.
United Airlines (United Airlines) regulations on the use of child safety seats:
If you have purchased a seat for your child (including Basic Economy), you can use an FAA-approved child restraint system (CRS) or child safety seat in certain seats on board. United does not provide child restraint systems or child safety seats.
In single-aisle aircraft, the child safety seat or restraint system must be installed in the window seat, while in two-aisle aircraft, it can be installed in the window seat or the middle seat in the middle row. Child restraint systems may not be used in rear-facing or exit row seats in any aircraft type, or in first class in a three-class 747-400, 767 or 777-200 aircraft.
As a rule, United does not place passengers under the age of 15 in exit row seats.
The following child restraint devices cannot be used on the aircraft: child booster seats, lap belts that only attach to an adult seat belt, and vests or braces that attach the infant to the adult's chest.

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