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Does the baby want to take a safety seat

Two days ago, I saw a small video, which triggered a lot of discussions. It said that a policeman stopped a car during the inspection, and then a child of the co-driver wore his seat belt obediently. The police felt strange when they said they should wear the seat belt. The average child would not be so good. The child said that if they didn't wear the seat belt, they would be like this IPAD. He said that he would show the police uncle a big cracked IPAD.

It turned out that once the father took the child out, and the child didn't want to wear the seat belt. Then the father showed the child the iPad that had just broken two days ago, and there were cracks on it. Then he said to the child, if you don't wear the seat belt, if there was an accident, you should follow this.

Like the iPad, the child saw and scared the child, so he put on the seat belt obediently
Therefore, this father's practice is still very worthy of learning.
Does the baby want to take a safety seat? When to fasten the seat belt, 2 ways to let the baby fasten it
If we take children with us at ordinary times, we must pay attention to wearing the seat belt, because even driving on the road at ordinary times will have risks. Wearing the seat belt will really help, and the airbag will come out to protect us when we brake hard.
And the netizen said in the post that the experience of the past person was that there was a car accident in a thousand years ago, his wife was pregnant, the driver in the opposite lane fell asleep, and the other party's car was scrapped. Fortunately, all of them were wearing seat belts. In April of the next year, the child was born healthy. From then on, the first thing is to wear seat belts and remind others.

So the safety of safety belt is self-evident.
There are two standards. The first is that the child is 36 to 40 kilograms
The second criterion is that children should wear seat belts when they are about 1.2 to 1.5 meters away, while children can use seat seats before, which is suitable for younger children

If the child is a little younger and can't even sit in the safety seat, you can use the safety basket, which is to ensure the safety of the child. Many parents will say, can I hold the child in my arms? In fact, the risk factor for children is actually higher, because it is equivalent to that the child is one of your seat belts. When the mobile phone brakes sharply, it will only throw the child out, and it is simply impossible to hold it. So parents should be reminded that it is best for children to look at uncomfortable safety baskets and safety seats.

Here, there are two small ways to use for reference
If there is one method, it is called imitation method
Then you can take and fasten your seat belt yourself, and then let the baby follow you, and let the child do a seat belt action. You can sit on the sofa at ordinary times, do some actions of the appearance first, let the child imitate it, and when you get used to it, the car will be tied.
For example, where are we going now? Then we put on the seat belt, or replace it with cartoon characters that children prefer. For example, Altman is going to start. What should we do before starting? In this way, let the baby realize the importance of safety. With some role-playing and game-based scenes, the child slowly fasten his seat belt.

Does the baby want to take a safety seat? When to fasten the seat belt, 2 ways to let the baby fasten it
At the same time, there are also netizens who share their experience to prepare snacks, water, milk, etc., which is also helpful for babies!
Can you give your baby a seat and a seat belt?

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