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How to adapt the baby to the child safety seat

Most parents pay great attention to the safety of their children in the car, and their safety awareness has also been greatly improved. Children's safety seats have gradually entered every family. However, many babies do not want to sit after purchase! This can give parents a headache. Have you ever thought that when children face the safety seat for the first time, they don't seem to have much interest. Instead, they cry loudly every time they sit down? Why? What is the way to make children love to sit in safety seats?

1) The active baby doesn't like to be bound and will cry
The baby will feel uncomfortable when taking the safety seat for the first time. The active baby doesn't like to be bound and will cry. Now it is getting colder and colder. If you go out, mothers often wrap their children like big dumplings, which makes it particularly inconvenient for babies to move. Especially, fixing the children on the car seat is undoubtedly tantamount to kidnapping for active children.

2) Cultivate the ability to sit in safety seats since childhood to arouse children's curiosity
After the purchase, don't worry about letting the child sit down first. You can put it in a more visible place at home. The child will feel and look at it slowly when he becomes interested. He even treats it as his own exclusive seat and doesn't let anyone touch it. In fact, when we choose the child safety seat, we can start from the baby's perspective, such as what color he likes, and the baby can be more friendly to the baby safety seat.

3) Divert children's attention
Toys are an indispensable auxiliary thing for children to get used to sitting in the safety seat. After slowly adapting, we can hold the treasure on the safety seat and buckle the safety belt. We can distract the baby's attention through toys. In addition, the car can also play the baby's favorite music, play and play.

4) Before getting on the bus, calm the children
To amuse the child, such as telling jokes, you can also tell the baby that this is a new toy for him, and then play with the baby. You can let him sit in, and then imitate the scene of driving, so that the baby gradually gets familiar with the child safety seat, so that they can adapt to the whole environment, so when they move into the car, the baby will not be too ostracized.

5) The safety principle is indispensable
Cultivate children's safety awareness and develop the good habit of getting on the car and sitting on the safety seat. The dependence of children on their mothers begins from birth. The growing dependence of children on their mothers is very harmful to their growth. Children should be trained to be independent and sit in safety seats alone. The baby has developed the habit of being held by the mother when going out. Once sitting in the safety seat, it will be more or less uncomfortable. If there is an accident, the risk coefficient of children is higher.

6) Pay attention to ride safety
Protect the future of children with safety seats. A child's adaptability is stronger than expected. He may resist at the beginning, but if he firmly stands and insists that he must sit in the car seat in any case to travel by car, then you will find that he will get used to it soon, and we just have to wait

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