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How to clean child safety seats

Step 1: Move the seat out of the car. Please make sure you have a large, well-lit and well-ventilated place to clean your child car seat. Driveways, garages or backyards are the perfect places. Put a towel or tarp underneath. If you are washing indoors, it can be used to protect the floor from water and soap. If you are washing outside, it can protect the bottom of the baby car seat from stains and scratches.
Step 2: Clean with a vacuum cleaner. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean all the debris, dust and debris from the interior and parts of the baby car seat. Pay special attention to the backrest and other upholstered areas of the car's child seat. You can also scan the gaps in areas that are difficult to wipe with a rag or sponge.
The third step: cleaning cloth. If you can disassemble and clean the safety seat cover and machinery, it is the best; if not, you can gently clean the fabric with a damp cloth, warm water and mild soap, and clean the car seat by scrubbing gently in circular motions Chair fabric, or soak the cloth cover in warm water (the water temperature should not exceed 30°), then add some detergent, soak for 10-20 minutes, and finally scrub by hand. Must pay attention: use neutral detergent, not gasoline and other solvents; be sure to scrub with your hands, do not use a washing machine, and do not iron. Drying must be air-dried naturally in a ventilated place.
Step 4: Frosted plastic: The plastic parts of your baby car seat or booster seat may be as dirty as fabric. Wipe all the plastic parts with a damp cloth and warm water. Step 5: Ventilate and dry: To prevent mildew and keep it clean, let it dry completely before putting it back in your car. Put the baby car seat or booster seat in a well-ventilated place, it is best to dry it in the sun, in order to make it dry faster, you can squeeze out the excess water in it first, but use proper force to prevent it. Deformed.

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