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Is second-hand safety seat worth buying

Many parents want to buy a car seat for their baby, but they are a little afraid when they see the price of thousands of dollars, so they look at the second-hand child seat, which is much lower than the new one. But when they buy a child seat, they don't buy it like other second-hand goods. I remind you not to check the reliability of the seat with your baby's safety.
Why do you say that? Many parents are thinking that the used safety seat I bought doesn't look very old in appearance. Why can't I buy it? At this time, we should listen to the professional opinion of relevant experts: it is not recommended to buy second-hand child safety seats, because we do not know the actual situation of the previous buyer's use of safety seats, such as the loss, damage of seat parts or even the recall of the product. The bought second hand safety seats are very unsafe when used. It is difficult for our naked eyes to observe what small parts are missing from the seat; The second problem is the aging of the safety seat, or the hidden cracks caused by the use of the safety seat, or even the safety seat after an accident. These are hidden hidden troubles, which lead to the failure to protect the baby in the event of an accident.
The service life of child safety seats is generally long, but when they are used for 3-5 years, you should carefully check the safety seats. Diligence and thrift are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, but we can not economize on children's safety, so we choose to import excellent domestic child safety seats according to our own budget.

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