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National child safety seat laws and regulations

The introduction of regulations and standards on children's car safety has played a huge role in promoting the development of car child safety seats. There are the following major standards in the world: European ECE R44/03 standard, American JPMA/ASTM, Canadian CMVSS 213, Japanese JIS, etc. Australia, China Taiwan and other places have also promulgated corresponding standards. Among them, Europe has the most stringent requirements, and people's use of car child safety seats has changed from voluntary use to compulsory use.
In China, the "National Mandatory Standard for Child Safety Seats and Other Related Products" drafted by China Automotive Research Institute has been officially implemented on July 1, 2012. The standard includes the technical requirements for the seat itself and all vehicles on sale. Mandatory installation of ISOFIX anchoring system devices and other requirements.
Testing regulations
Countries such as Europe and the United States have developed testing methods for child safety seats according to different situations in each country. All countries have strict technical requirements for the dynamic performance of the seat, and the movement amount of the seat in the test experiment is also very clearly specified. In the relevant regulations of the United States, specific requirements are put forward for the wear resistance, light resistance, and microbial strength of seat fabrics. As in Europe, a salt spray test is carried out to investigate the corrosion resistance. In addition, Europe has strict restrictions on the energy absorption, roll resistance, high temperature resistance, and adjustment and retraction of seat belts of child safety seats.

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