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Use the safety seat correctly to avoid entering such misunderstandings

Myth 1: Buying child safety car seat by age

Phenomenon: Nowadays, many children's products are marked for children aged from X to XX, whether it is toys, food or other commonly used children's products. Therefore, many parents will habitually buy products according to their age when they buy products that children need. In fact, this is not the case, and it needs to be considered according to the actual situation of children's development.

Actual: However, the child safety seat is a special case. Due to the different speed of growth and development of children, the height and weight of the same age group are also significantly different. Therefore, in order to better adapt to the use of children, our child safety seat should be based on the child's age at that time. Height and weight are selected, age is at most an auxiliary reference and cannot be used as a basis for purchase.

Myth 2: The harder the material, the stronger

Phenomenon: The purpose of purchasing child safety seats is for the safety of children. Many parents mistakenly believe that the harder the material, the better the protection of the child, or that some products that deform after pressing but recover the fastest are the best for the protection of the child.

Actual: But the actual situation is not like this. Parents should prefer those products that are seriously deformed after a collision. Materials that are seriously deformed and cannot rebound quickly can better absorb the impact force after a collision and avoid harm to children. Therefore, when selecting, you can press the surface of the child seat with your fingers. Products that do not rebound quickly in the depression are more recommended. Those products with very hard materials are not recommended to buy.

Myth 3: The seat interface is universal

Phenomenon: Many car owners think that the car seat interface is the same, so just look at the style and material when buying a seat.

Actual: At present, the interfaces of the safety seats sold in the market are divided into European standard and American standard. The European standard interface is fixed at two points, and the American standard is fixed at three points. The vehicle interface is not completely the same, and some models need to be retrofitted. Only a buckle can be used to install the seat normally, so be sure to understand the vehicle interface form when purchasing, so as to avoid failure to use it normally.

Myth 4: Child safety seats are always installed upside down

Phenomenon: Because children's bones are not fully developed, the cervical and lumbar vertebrae and other parts are very fragile. In order to avoid the compression and influence of the vehicle braking force on the cervical vertebrae and other parts, the child seat should be installed as far as possible to prevent the cervical vertebra from being stressed.

Actual: However, the rear space of each model is different, and the children are also growing taller, so it is not possible to blindly use the safety seat in reverse, or it depends on the specific space, the age of the child, and the physical development. In general infants and young children, use the safety seat upside down method, and do not blindly use the child seat upside down for a long time.

Misunderstanding 5: The safety seat is only used for high-speed or long-distance running

Phenomenon: my country does not have mandatory regulations on the use of child safety seats, so many of our parents will only consider choosing a seat to use when their children are born for a long time and there is a need for a car.

Practical: The child seat itself has a certain restraint, and the child is definitely not as comfortable as sitting in the car directly. Therefore, you should use the safety seat when you ride for the first time to develop good riding habits. In addition, some parents feel that driving in urban areas is slow, so it’s okay to not use a seat. It is enough to use the seat for long-distance running at high speed. This kind of thinking is very dangerous. play a security effect.

Myth 6: You can use booster pads for short trips

Phenomenon: Some taller children are a bit cramped when using safety seats. Usually, parents will use booster pads for them. Now some models are also equipped with booster pads for older children to use.

Actual: The use of booster pads has strict requirements on the height of children. Some parents will use booster pads instead of safety seats to save trouble, or use booster pads for short-distance urban areas, and use safety seats for long-distance high-speed use. It is not advisable and may increase the risk factor.

Myth 7: No-clean child safety seats

Phenomenon: Parents who use safety seats often overlook a problem, which is the hygiene of the safety seat. The seat also needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise the bacteria that grows on it is also a threat to the child's health.

Actual: Usually the instructions for use of the safety seat will indicate the disassembly and cleaning methods, but the appearance of the safety seat does not have a strict cleaning cycle. Parents can regularly check and clean according to the frequency of use to keep it clean.

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