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What are the types of safety seat interfaces

In our daily life, we take a safety seat with our baby when we travel. What kinds of safety seat interfaces are there? Which is the safest? Today, let's introduce the knowledge of the types of safety seat interfaces.

Safety seats: types
At present, it is mainly divided into three categories:
1. ISOFIX fixing method. This kind of installation is very simple. Just align the ISOFIX interface of the child safety seat with the reserved opening on the seat, insert it, and finally support the ground rod for safety.

2. LATCH interface mode: the interface adopts three fixed points, two of which are at the connection between the seat cushion and the seat back, and the third is at the rear of the seat headrest. The interface behind the seat headrest will have a hook LOGO sign.

3. The safety belt interface mode is actually the interface mode of the car itself. It has very good compatibility and can be used with different models of child seats or different standard models. In China, most car models adopt seat belt mode, which is simple and convenient to use.

Safety seats: safety
1. The adult safety belt is fixed, which is usually more troublesome to operate. Disadvantages: Mothers in European and American countries have 15-20% misuse rate, and China estimates more. The advantage is that it is universal, the car configuration requirements are not high, and it is cheap. If you want to save money, you can consider such seats, but you must study the correct installation and use of seats.

2. Latch fixed, this is the American standard. Two anchors at the bottom and one anchor at the head. Simple operation, safe and reliable. Your car must have these three interfaces.

3. ISOFIX is fixed, which is the European standard. 2 anchors at the bottom. In order to prevent the seat from overturning during impact, (seats aged 0-4 are often equipped with supporting feet and other anti-overturning devices.) The operation is simple, safe and reliable. The disadvantage is that the seats are complex and large. It is inconvenient to disassemble and carry them often. Another disadvantage is that your car must have an ISOFIX interface and match the ISOFIX interface of the seat. Before buying this kind of interface seat, you should check it first. Otherwise, it may not be used. At present, IOSFIX seats are popular in Europe.

The safety seat is very important for children. Don't be safe because you are in the car. In fact, this is not the case. If you don't pay attention to these details, it will endanger children's health. That's the end of today's introduction. Do you understand the types of safety seat interfaces.

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