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What is the ECE mark for a child car seat

With the publicity of the media and relevant departments, many parents know the important role of child safety seats in children's travel. For the safety of children, many parents began to buy safety seats for their children. When choosing a child safety seat, parents will see that big brand products like Qiaoeryi are affixed with the national 3C certification and ECE certification marks. Many people have some understanding of 3C, but they do not know what ECE is? Today, the editor will tell you what the ECE logo on the safety seat is?
The full name of "ECE" is "United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Automobile Regulations". The ECE logo on the safety seat means that the safety seat has passed the ECE safety certification standard, which has strict requirements on the following aspects:
1. Crash test
Mainly car front and rear crash tests, as well as rollover tests. The test standard is that the displacement of each part of the dummy body in the child safety seat cannot exceed the set distance, and the child safety seat is also tested for the protection of the child's head and neck, body protection and leg protection.
2. Seat belts and buckles
The child safety seat belt is a safety device that can effectively protect the child, which can prevent the child from secondary injury. Therefore, the ECE regulations have strict regulations. Even if the child wants to get out of the restraint device in the event of a collision accident, the safety seat belt must be able to restrain the child! The child safety seat buckle must be red and placed in a conspicuous position, so that in an emergency, parents can easily open the child safety seat buckle. At the same time, the seat belt buckle needs to undergo frequent opening and closing tests, up to more than 5,000 times, to ensure that the buckle can be used normally under any circumstances.
Third, the certification mark
Compliant child car seats must carry a certification label to indicate that the child seat complies with ECE standards. The certification label includes the name of the child seat manufacturer, the year of manufacture, the international certification mark and the weight range for which the child seat is suitable.
The above is the main content of the child safety seat ECE logo, I hope parents can understand after reading the article. In fact, the domestic 3C certification is modified on the basis of the European ECE certification. The European ECE is stricter and more comprehensive than the national 3C standard, but the 3C standard is more in line with the actual domestic situation, so parents want to buy safe for their children More safety seat, you can buy domestic 3C and European ECE double safety certified safety seat for children

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