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What should be paid attention to when installing the child safety seat

1. Pay attention to the spacing of seats
Because the child seat needs to be placed on the seat in advance before it is fixed, however, when it is fixed, it is necessary to ensure that the two seats are closely connected and cannot have too much clearance, otherwise the safety factor will be greatly reduced.
2. Pay attention to different fixing methods
Secondly, because different safety systems are used and different child seats are used, different penetration methods are used for tightening and fixing. Therefore, reasonable penetration methods must be adopted to play a role of fixation and safety.
3. Pay attention to safety belt tension
However, no matter which method of fixation is used, pay attention to whether the safety belt is tightened. Because when the safety belt passes through the child seat, if the position below and above the safety belt can be tightened, the safety effect of the safety belt can be played. If the safety belt at all positions is loose after the blind penetration, children can not experience the safety effect when sitting on it, and may even bring more serious danger.
(This is also true of the 5-point fastener on the child seat.)
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