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What should be paid attention to when using the baby basket safety seat

The newborn baby is very tender, so when you take them to the car, you always wrap them in a quilt and then take them in your arms. This kind of protection does not protect the baby, but it makes the baby bear potential dangers. If you brake suddenly at this time, the baby's head is heavy, which is very easy to cause the baby to crash and cause serious injury.

Therefore, the baby must use the safety seat of the basket to ride in the car. It is installed backward. The baby can lie in the basket laterally to obtain natural support. The biggest advantage of using the baby basket is that it is safer for the baby when riding in the car. Because it is very dangerous for the mother to hold the baby in the car. Once a traffic accident occurs, the baby will be squeezed by the adult body, or it is easy to fly out of the gap of the safety belt. Some baby safety baskets are composed of two parts, a portable basket and a base. The base is firmly fixed on the back seat of the car, and then the basket is stuck on the base. This method makes it very safe to take the baby in the car, and it is also convenient to get on and off.

There are two types of baby basket: separate type and integral type. The separated baby safety basket itself has no corresponding fixing device, and it is fixed on the car seat through a chassis; The integrated baby safety basket can be directly fixed with the car seat. The characteristics of separate safety basket and integral safety basket are as follows:

From the perspective of convenience, the separated safety basket is easier to carry than the integrated safety basket, but from the perspective of security, the integrated safety basket is slightly better. The safety baskets sold in the domestic child safety seat market are mainly integrated. Therefore, parents must use the child car seat when taking the baby out and pay attention to reverse installation.

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