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Where to install the child safety seat

A child safety seat is equivalent to a child's safety belt, which is a restraint device that restrains and protects the child's life in the event of danger. When the car crashes and makes an emergency stop during the moving process, if the child is held in the arms of an adult or sits alone in the seat, the child will "fly" out due to inertia. In this case, the adult cannot To protect the child, one is because of the weight, and the other is because of the speed. Therefore, as a parent, if you are responsible for ensuring the safety of your child, you must use the child safety seat correctly.

But it's not just about installing child safety seats for children in the car, but more importantly, choose the right installation location. There are many parents and mothers who have consulted the position of the safety seat through the backstage of the Thanksgiving car seat WeChat public account? When installing the seats, some people choose the passenger seat, and some people choose the rear seat. In fact, the safety of each position on the car is different. Which position is the most suitable for installing a child car seat?

Where is the best place to install a safety seat?

The first safety seat is the seat installed in the rear seat of the driver, followed by the rear seat of the passenger seat. According to a survey by the U.S. Department of Transportation, if the risk factor for the driver's seat is set to 100, the risk factor for the passenger seat is 101, while the risk factor for the driver's rear seat is 73.4, and the seat on the other side of the back row has a risk factor of 73.4. The hazard factor is 74.2. Therefore, the rear seat of the driver is the safest.

Why is it not recommended to install it in the co-pilot position?

Child car seats are not recommended to be installed in the passenger seat. In the event of a traffic accident, the driver will instinctively protect himself and subconsciously turn the wheel to the left, so the passenger seat is often the most dangerous place. In addition, because the co-pilot is equipped with an airbag, in the event of an accident, the airbag can be fully filled within a few milliseconds and popped out at a speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour. Its huge impact will cause irreversible damage to the delicate body of the child. serious injury.

Can a safety seat be installed in the middle of the rear row?

Some parents believe that after installing a child safety seat in the car, the space on the car is reduced, especially in the middle of the rear row, which reduces the space utilization rate, so the safety seat is directly installed in the middle of the rear row. . In fact, this is not correct, because most child safety seats are installed with a three-point seat belt or an isofix interface, and most models do not have an isofix interface in the middle, and the seat belt only has a belly belt. The safety seat cannot be effectively secured.

To sum up, the child car seat should be installed on the seats on both sides of the rear row, and the driver's rear seat is preferred. It is not recommended to install it in the passenger seat or in the middle of the rear row.

In addition, parents and friends are reminded here to try not to buy second-hand seats, because it is impossible to determine their previous use background and whether their safety factor is high. After purchasing a child car seat, you should operate in strict accordance with the product manual or refer to the safety seat installation video provided by the merchant to correctly install and use the safety seat. When traveling, the child safety seat should be installed in advance, and the child should get on and off from the right door or the door on the side of the sidewalk when getting on and off the bus. If the car is equipped with a child safety lock, the child lock should be closed whenever a child is sitting in the car.

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