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As long as we grasp these two time points, the baby is willing to sit in the safety seat

Private cars are very common now. Safety seats are an important factor that many car owners consider when buying a car. Safety seats can be placed in all kinds of cars, whether domestic or imported. But many car owners have bought safety seats in one case, but the baby is unwilling to ride. What should we do? A lot of friends around Xiaobian have responded to this situation. The baby just doesn't want to ride after spending money, so the safety seat is useless.
First of all, the author believes that it is absolutely necessary to ride in a safety seat, and safety is always the first. Although there are certain mandatory behaviors for babies, parents must make children happy to accept them. As long as the following two time points are well done, it is very beneficial for the baby to use the safety seat.
Time point 1: Born and left the hospital
Many families are prepared to buy safety seats after the baby is born. In fact, it is too late at this time. They should be ready before birth, so that they can use them when they leave the hospital.
The picture above shows Prince William carrying his daughter and Kate's daughter in a basket. It is obvious that the seat was purchased in advance. The baby should use the safety seat every time he takes a car, so he is very used to taking it. It is reasonable to use safety seats in cars; On the contrary, sometimes you sit and sometimes you don't sit, so the baby thinks it's OK not to sit, which is very bad for training the baby to ride in the child safety seat.
2. The power of example
In the past, we had a bad habit of thinking that it was very bad to wear a seat belt in the car. We didn't trust the driver's driving skills, especially the passengers in the back row. But the back row is exactly the location of the seat. Babies can find out whether the adults next to them are wearing seat belts. If they are, they send a message to the baby. Wearing seat belts in the car is necessary, without exception.
3. Play in the back row
If you drive a car, your baby will be bored sitting in the back row alone. If you put it in the back row, your baby will be distressed if you can't see the front row, and will have the idea of changing the existing state. Therefore, it is better to have a person in the back row to amuse your baby, such as playing games, or prompting Baobao to look at the outside scenery.
4. Control vehicle temperature and drive steadily
In the summer, when adults open the door, a heat wave hits, which is very unbearable. So in summer and winter, let the baby adjust the temperature in the car first, and let the baby get on the car after the comfortable temperature is reached, and drive steadily to avoid emergencies as much as possible. The baby's neck is very fragile. Emergency stop and emergency start make the baby feel very uncomfortable. At this time, he wants to break away from the safety seat.
Time point 2: 2-2.5 years old
5. Terrible two years old refers to children who first find themselves, try to prove their existence in various ways, and cause some small troubles. However, this stage is the best time to cultivate the safety seats, which can achieve unexpected results. Because the baby has a strong sense of property right at this time, it is highlighted that only the baby can have a safety seat, so the baby can take the safety seat for granted.
6. Render the natural side
After the baby can speak, if he or she resists the safety seat, he or she must explain it. This time, the explanation is also skilful. For children under three years old, don't talk about safety, don't show an uncomfortable side of the safety seat. It's very natural to buckle your own safety belt when taking the bus, and then buckle the safety seat for the baby.

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