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Child safety seat interface classification

Most child safety seats need to be purchased by parents, but the car is generally equipped with a child safety seat interface. In fact, according to the seat installation method above, we have also understood the classification of the interface.
The first ISO FIX is a standard designed and implemented in Europe for child safety seat interfaces since 1990. All models sold in Europe will use this interface as a standard configuration, and some joint venture vehicles in China also provide this interface configuration. The feature of this configuration is that it has two fixed interfaces that are hard-connected to the child seat.
The second type of LATCH, the United States stipulates that almost all types of cars must provide the child safety seat fixing method of the LATCH system. The biggest difference between it and the European standard fixing method is that the connection method is not a hard connection but a hook connection at the same time, and there are three fixing points.
The third is to use a seat belt to fasten. The advantage is that it is universal and simple; the disadvantage is that this fixing method is often easy to loosen. At present, most domestic car companies adopt the ISOFIX standard.

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