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Child safety seat purchase skills and suggestions for correct installation and use

In the era of automobiles, the importance of child safety seats for protecting children has been increasingly recognized and valued by parents. The significance of the safety seat for children is the same as the protection of seat belts for adults in the process of driving a car.

However, how to choose a suitable car child safety seat has made many parents difficult.

There are too many brands of child safety seats. Most parents will start from two aspects when purchasing child safety seats, one is the price, and the other is the brand. Some parents like to buy "foreign goods", but many imported brand safety seats are actually made by domestic factories. There are also some parents who blindly pursue low prices, but the ridiculously low price of the safety seat does not play a protective role at all. For the safety seat purchase skills, the tips for consumers are as follows:

One is based on the age and weight of the child. Infants under the age of 1 and weighing less than 10 kg should choose a rear-facing child safety seat; infants from 1 to 3 years old and weighing 10 kg to 20 kg should choose a fully covered safety seat; 3 to 10 Children weighing between 15kg and 36kg should choose a wrap-around safety seat.

The second is to choose according to the material process of the child safety seat. Check whether the safety buckle and seat belt of the safety seat are firm, and whether the plastic parts are smooth, etc. Confirm that the backrest part is mainly EPS material with good shock resistance, not foam. The inner layer of the seat fabric is preferably polyester fiber cotton that has undergone flame retardant treatment.

The third is to choose according to the fixed method. Domestic child safety seat installation methods are mainly divided into vehicle seat belt binding installation and ISOFIX interface installation. The fixing method should be selected according to the configuration of the car.

Fourth, check the certification mark. When purchasing a seat, you should check whether the child safety seat has the CCC mark.

The fifth is to check the manual and logo. If the product manual or logo is inconsistent with the actual product or is ambiguous, it is recommended not to buy.

Make good use of the safety seat, don't let safety protection become a decoration

The safety seat should not only be selected and installed, but also used well. There are 3 suggestions for the installation and use of child safety seats:

First, the installation avoids hazardous locations. When installing a safety seat, avoid the passenger seat. When a danger occurs, the child is more likely to be injured by the airbag that pops up than the car accident itself. The collision test found that the middle position is the safest among the three positions in the rear row, but it is inconvenient to install a safety seat, and the safety factor on the left side of the rear row is higher than that on the right side, because when danger occurs, the driver will choose to stay away from himself out of instinct. side of the car hit.

Secondly, the reverse installation time should be appropriately extended. Newborn babies have very fragile bones, so the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that infants and young children should ride backward before the age of 2, and children over 2 years old can choose to ride forward. The Swiss plus test laboratory, the world's most stringent safety seat testing organization, and Qiaoeryi, a well-known British car seat manufacturer, have done a lot of crash tests on reverse riding. These two organizations have used reverse riding. Official authoritative data has been issued: backward riding can reduce head injury by 70%, neck impact force by 73% and neck torque by 34%.

Finally, use ISOFIX to increase the correct installation rate. In the choice of installation method, it is recommended to choose the safety seat with ISOFIX connection method first, which is easy to install and improves the correct installation rate. If the installation is wrong, the protection performance of the safety seat will be 0. After installation, parents should check whether the ISOFIX interface is in place and whether the five-point seat belt is tightened.

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