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Child safety seat usage is low, experts recommend legislation to make it mandatory

Surveys show that parents have widespread misunderstandings about the safety of children's rides. As an effective measure to prevent children's car injuries, the use of child safety seats is not optimistic.
At present, more than 10 provinces and cities in my country have issued local regulations, requiring children under the age of four to be equipped with child safety seats, but there is no national mandatory child safety seat legislation. Experts are calling for national legislation to increase the use of child safety seats.
It is a recognized fact that the correct use of child safety seats can prevent the child occupant from being thrown out of the body when a collision occurs, disperse the impact force generated when a collision occurs, and effectively reduce the possibility of children dying in a collision.
"Children should sit in a safety seat that matches their height and weight to effectively reduce injuries caused by traffic accidents." Zhang Xianglei said.
However, the awareness rate and usage rate of child safety seats are still seriously insufficient.
In 2018, Er Yuliang, an associate researcher at the Injury Prevention and Mental Health Office of the Chronic Disease Center of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, conducted a study on "Child Safety Seat Use and Cognitive Status" in Shanghai and Shenzhen. The survey found that the ownership rates of safety seats in the two cities reached 80% and 64% respectively, but the usage rates were only 62% and 48%, which is far from the 90% usage rate in developed countries. rate is the lowest, and it is precisely this population that needs it the most.”
Some parents are reluctant to buy it, and some parents buy it but idle it. Er Yuliang's research shows that more than 40% of parents do not use car seats because their children don't want to sit, and about 1/3 of parents do not buy car seats because their children have fewer opportunities to ride.
In recent years, calls to include child safety seat use in national regulations have grown louder.

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