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Considerations when buying a safety seat

1. Price: It’s not that the higher the price, the better; it’s still based on personal budget
2. Security: Security is a comprehensive performance, not one or two indicators can represent security; it is a hooligan to talk about security with one or two indicators aside from testing;
3. Group: Most of the safety seats in the 0-12-year-old group are less than 12 years old, and at most about 7 years old; if they are used from birth, they will be replaced at about 4 years old; the best combination is A combination of 0-4 years old and 3-12 years old; if the age is the same, you can consider the 9 months-12 years old group;
4. Side safety: Side safety is very important, but not more important than frontal and rear safety; so the premise of paying attention to side safety is that frontal and rear collision safety meet the requirements;
5. Inclination angle: no matter whether it is installed in the forward direction or in the reverse direction, the larger the inclination angle is, the better; the bigger the manufacturer, the more scientific the designed inclination angle;
6. Reverse installation: Small-month-old babies should install and use the safety seat in reverse, but not every baby can accept reverse riding; my baby refuses to ride in reverse, so we can only wait for the weight to reach the normal position. Minimize going out before moving toward standard rides.
Therefore, for the safety seat that can only be used in the reverse direction, you need to choose carefully; after all, if the baby is unwilling to sit, no matter how safe and comfortable the safety seat is, it is useless;
7. Color: Do not choose some fancy colors or patterns of safety seats. Pigment dyes may contain toxic ingredients such as heavy metals;

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