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How to select and use child safety seats

It is the best choice for children to use safety seats when riding. Maybe for many parents, they don't know much about child safety seats. How to choose and use them? Let's study together.
There is a very practical formula for purchasing child safety seats: "One standard, two views, three touch and four buttons".
The first mark is the sign of safety certification. Children's safety seats sold in China must have CCC certification, which is a threshold. If the quality of the safety seats is better, there is another one called ECE, which is the certification of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) automobile regulations. The ECE certification is divided according to the country, for example, the Netherlands is E4, Luxembourg is E13. In general, the most stringent ECE certification is the German E1 certification.
Second, judge the seat quality from the appearance and structure. In the processing of plastic mold for children's seats, there are mainly two processes: injection molding and blow molding. Both injection molded seats and blow molded seats are safe as long as they pass the quality certification. But injection molding products are relatively better in compression resistance and toughness, and the price is often higher. Injection molding and blow molding can be distinguished from each other in two aspects. First, most blow molded seats are hollow and light; Second, because the surface smoothness of the blow molded seats is relatively poor, the black appearance is often used, and other colors are rarely used.
Wang Yu, an insider: "The third point is to touch the cloth cover on the safety seat to see whether it is comfortable and soft, and whether the holes on the cloth cover are dense, because this is closely related to the comfort of the baby. The fourth point is to look at the safety buckle on the safety seat. The safety buckle is the most important core part of the safety seat, so when purchasing, you should buckle the buckle and pull it back and forth repeatedly to see the card Whether the buckle will loosen and fall off. "
During the installation of safety seats, there are many installation methods due to different products. There are two common methods, one of which can be understood as hook type. The rear seats of most of our family cars have an interface called ISO FIX, which is specially used to connect child seats and vehicles. It includes two fixed interfaces on vehicles. Some brands or models also include a back fixed hook. As long as these interfaces are connected properly, The safety seat is installed. The other is the safety belt fixing method, which is more widely used and can be applied to any vehicle with safety belt configuration. The installation is also very simple. First, we have to pull the car safety belt to the longest position, and fix the safety belt with clips. Second, put the buckle of the safety belt through the installation hole at the rear of the child safety seat. Then, put the chest belt and the abdominal belt of the safety belt out of the limit slot together, insert the buckle of the safety belt into the slot, and tighten it.
It is not a trouble to let children sit in the safety seat. Basically, it can be completed within 1 minute.
Wang Yu, an insider: "First, open the five point buckle, adjust the shoulder belt to the longest position, and then put the baby in. The shoulder belt passes through the baby's shoulder, and both sides pass through the shoulder. The two five point buckles are combined, and then check the inside of the safety buckle. After inserting, tighten the safety belt, and use your middle finger to explore the position of the baby's shoulder. If there is a finger distance between the shoulder and the safety belt, then install it."
It is worth mentioning that in addition to ordinary safety seats, there is also a basket type seat. Ordinary safety seats are generally suitable for children above 9 kg and are usually installed in a forward direction. Basket seats need to be installed reversely, because children under 9 kg are just born, their spines are relatively tender, and they cannot support their bodies, so it is safer to reverse. The basket seat generally allows children to sit in the seat in advance and then put it in the car for fixation. The fixation principle is also very simple. Connect several bayonets of the child seat with the vehicle's own safety belt, and then insert the buckle of the safety belt into the slot.

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